Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So, Emma.  She is simply growing up much more quickly than hoped.  Her favorite things include coloring (with washable markers, we aren’t crazy), climbing (anything, including the dog gate), watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (simply known as ‘icky) and playing with her Legos.  She’s developed a bit of a sweet tooth, but we still push vegetables and meats as much as possible.  Emma will put down a slice of Randy’s Pizza, however, and will always take a bunny vitamin when offered (which are really Flintstones, so Barney = bunny).

She’s had a chance to have play dates with neighbors throughout November and she’s really stepping her social game up.  The most awesome sound is her and her friend Logan running around the house screaming with sounds of laughter.  Unfortunately, they both know how to open doors, so we always keep an eye and ear open on the two of them – they really don’t monitor each other very well.  She’s becoming so much more attentive to other people and their needs.  She’ll bring you a Kleenex when you sneeze and showed her friend Eva a big dose of empathy the other night when she was screaming (probably because Emma removed a toy from her hand).  She is smarter than you know and has a good idea of what’s going on, even if she misdirects you with a baby doll or coloring.  Tough combination for such a little girl – smart, sweet, fun and considerate.  All things are relative, because she will become unhappy with the status quo pretty quickly and at random times for no reason.  Because she’s two.  

She loves to rub lotion on her hands after a bath and she enjoys a good hand washing after she uses the potty.  She will prepare the potty with her potty seat and stool, grab a book and then use as much toilet paper as we will let her.  I’m fairly certain she’s only *actually* dropped goodness in the toilet once or twice, but A for effort Emma!  Don’t try to help her with many things you may think she could use help with, because she will let you know “I got it.”  And then if she really did “got it” she’ll let you know that she “did it.”  How about them apples!?  She’s such a big kid!

Sweet Cheeks now has the ability to hold reasonable conversations with you, though they may not go as planned.  Her facial expressions are awesome and rarely fail to capture my complete attention, which is bad when I’m driving.  Her attention span is somewhat short, and she is still not pleased about going to time out when necessary.  She shows us this by picking up her chair and moving it to a more desirable location or climbing the staircase (on the opposite side of the actual stairs).  She bursts into song at any points during the day after she’s had her breakfast.  Her favorites include “Are You Sleeping,” “ABCD…you get the idea,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Rock a Bye Baby” and “Row Row Row Your Boat.”  Occasionally our nighttime TV is interrupted by Emma playing drums on her crib and singing “Are You Sleeping?,” which of course she is not.  

She has started putting her baby dolls into timeout and it's likely the most hilarious thing ever.  David caught it once on video - baby doll was "whining."  No kidding.  And then last night, baby doll was "biting, no bite."  Good things to remember when you're around Emma.  Zero tolerance.  She will also tell you that "this is mine, not yours."  Which makes sense because she thinks everything is hers!!!  

She had a wonderful Thanksgiving, during which she heard how the smoke detectors worked and learned how to rock in a rocking chair.  She loved the turkey and had to be cajoled into trying some pumpkin pie.  Successful on that front, obviously.  Emma loved seeing her cousin Max and talked about him for days afterwards.  She was gentle with him and I think we’re all thankful for that.

Our oven took a turn for the worst on Thanksgiving morning and we ended up using the fire extinguisher and purchasing a new element.  The neighbors baked our stuffing.  Did I mention David makes the very very best stuffing I've ever had.  I love it so much that I could eat just it for Thanksgiving.  I almost did.  When I called my Dad, hoping he'd come to the house and help, told everyone at Grandmommy's house that the elephant in the Macy's parade had caught fire.  What I told him was that our element in the oven blew up.  Glad we got that straightened out.

Later that weekend, Emma helped her Daddy pick out a Christmas tree and then helped him put it up by staying asleep in the car.  She loves the lights (of which there are approximately 2500 give or take).  Our tree is absolutely amazing - 9 feet tall with crazy lights and bows that David had made at Michael's.  Gorgeous and I'm so happy to go home each night to see it.  Got it decorated so we'll have lots of days to enjoy the forest in our house.
Emma has her Christmas program coming up at school and they have been rehearsing for weeks.  Families are invited and I was told that there would be “awesome snacks.”  So, pretzels and kids and Christmas…  all at one place.  We can’t wait to see our little girl do her thing and I will be bringing a box of kleenex.  She can spot Santa Claus anywhere and prefers to call him "Claus," which I hope is a nickname the big guy doesn't mind.  Can't wait for Christmas with this little girl!!

Monday, November 17, 2014


The Halloween season started off with a trip to Ganyard Hill Farm, just like we did last year.  However, David got the sniffles and with all the hay and corn and crap out on the farm, he had to stay home.  So I lugged Emma to pick out a pumpkin and enjoy the other crap they have out there.  She had a great time I think, though it got warm towards the end.  She needed some encouragement to get into the corn crib, but once she started going down the slide, she rocked that crib.  We looked at some goats and took the shortcut through the hay maze, rode the hayride through the cornfields and then ended up picking out a pumpkin to take back home.  The kid got a really late nap that day, but I think she had a blast - I had a good time too and am still finding corn in places that I shouldn't.  We certainly missed Daddy though!

We had an amazing Halloween, highlighted by a visit from Uncle DonDon, Aunt Danielle and Mister Max himself.  Donald and Max both dressed like lions.  One was cute, one was hilariously scary.  You decide.  Emma went as Dr. Emma Perry, Chief of Surgery.  I made her name badge at work so that she looked like she actually worked at Johns Hopkins.  My friend swiped some stuff from the hospital to make her outfit completely legit.  She had such a big day at school and came home with a bunch of treats, which made it into our giveaway stash at the door.  Ha!  Don't tell Emma, but that's gonna happen next year too.  Everyone at school loved her outfit and she was totally cute in it too.  She topped it off with some fresh Air Force Ones.  No doctor in America has anything on my baby girl.

David and I took the day off work to prepare for the shindig we were having that night....which was really supposed to be low key.  Apparently we cannot do anything low key.  But we had a great time with burgers (David makes THEEEE best) and hot dogs and snacks and candy and drinks and trick or treating!!!!  I had more sangria than intended before heading out and had to potty at the neighbor's house....which was dark....so I ran straight into their washer and dryer.  But the night was super fun and ended with children crying as expected.  We dressed up like people from the show The Leftovers.  And it was weird.  I couldn't talk all night when I was in character and had to write everything down.  Thankfully I had other people watching Sweet Cheeks, because sangria.

We like to party.

Friday, October 17, 2014


So my birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with all things that I love.  Burgers, cupcakes, presents and family.  All things that are amazing.

Dad came and picked me up at work.  Grandmommy met David and Emma at home.  And we all met up at Al's Burger Shack.  And it was wonderful!!!!  Then we all went back to the house and I got presents!#!  And Gigi's cupcakes!!!!!!  And Dad got me a chocolate cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!!!!

I am still full.

Sweet Cheeks ate 4 donut holes.  And then she sang Happy Birthday to me, several times.  However, it came out as "Happy Birthday to you, MommyDaddy."  I think David was trying to steal my big day.  And it was the most wonderful thing I think I could ever hear.  Except for her laughter and when she says I love you, Mommy...well, there are a lot of awesome things that I hear from her.  (and some very much not awesome things).

What a great birthday!  Now I need to eat lettuce for 47 days straight.

Here's a little pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'd be remiss if I didn't tell the world (since I already did on Facebook, why not here too), how much I miss my Mom.  Today is 8 years since she last was here on earth.  And she really wasn't here for a couple days prior to that, in the sense that she didn't crack smiles or tell me what to do or scold me for going somewhere alone that I shouldn't have.

I see her in the face of Emma, some of her mannerisms.  Most of those are mine, but some parts of her just scream out Nana.  I sure wish she'd been around to see me meet David and marry David and buy a house and most importantly, have an Emma.  Mom would have been head over heels crazy for her and Em would have loved to know her Nana.  Sometimes, it would be nice to be able to pick up the phone and ask for advice or vent or both.  But mostly, just to be a part of Sweet Cheeks' life and the constant growing up she's doing.

I love you Mom and we miss you.  Every day.


So….Emma was doing some big things last we checked in after having moved to the big kid class late in August.  She turned 2.2 years old last Friday and is every bit of the two year old child we’ve all heard stories about.  She finds such joy out of the craziest things, so obviously those are the things we try to keep doing.  She can go from zero to hysterical in 3 seconds and everything can be fixed with a hug and a fruit bar (sometimes hug, always fruit bar).

Emma Is growing leaps and bounds, evidenced by her not-supposed-to-be-capri jeans that I put on her this weekend.  Her feet are large and she requires new shoes from time to time, and of course her Mommy and Grandmommy are happy to oblige!  She no longer drinks from sippy cups at school and sits at a real table with real chairs for snack and lunch (albeit a mini table and chairs).  They say their prayer before they eat, so hopefully she is becoming thankful for all that she has.  She can sing the ABC song and will count to 10, though her favorite number continues to be #2.  She will also throw some Spanish counting in, as directed by Daddy and Mommy, which will be nice when ordering a combination plate at El Dorado.  Old MacDonald and his farm was also sung loudly in the car this morning.  Emma handled the chorus, which was a loud and helpful reminder of our vowels before work and school.

She has a trampoline (thanks to her aunts and uncles) that still sits in the middle of the living room and not only does she love it, but so do the neighbor kids.  I found one by himself jumping this weekend, in fact, and Emma was still napping.  She has eaten her first taco and prefers ketchup on her hamburgers.  Em loves taking her vitamins and asks for several a day, which ensures that we have one upset moment each day.  On the way to school, I reminded her to chew her breakfast well and she told me to “be quiet Mommy” and put her finger to her lips.  I probably should have taught her that she’s not to tell Mommy that, but I laughed heartily instead.  It’s the unexpected moments that make life with Emma so awesome.

We can have conversations with her and she understands what we say (when she listens).  One of her favorite friends is Logan, both at school and at home – they are two different Logans, but we are pleased that she’s narrowed down the names we have to remember.  Everyone at school - teachers, parents and classmates – all of them know Emma P and, subsequently, her parents.  It’s really amazing.  She runs that place.

She is practicing sitting on the potty whenever she asks.  We aren’t forcing it, but someday we’ll not have a changing table in the dining room and  I’m sure our guests will appreciate that.  Sweet Cheeks also likes to boss her parents around, telling us to sit next to her in the evenings while she plays.  She will also grab our hands and tell us “up.”  There’s a lot of activity before bedtime, as you might imagine.  She is fast and can take off running when you least expect it.  She might benefit from some kid soccer in the next few years – I’m sure she’ll be a natural like her mother.

Emma inspires us, amuses us, teaches us, laughs with us and frustrates us on a daily basis, and we are so in love with her.