Friday, July 17, 2015


This was originally typed June 3.  We'll go with that.

Intentionally or not, it's been a while since I've written about our awesome little family.  The reasons start with LIFE and end with LAZY.  There really isn't a whole lot of in between.  It's either a circus or insanely boring.

We have purchased a new natural gas grill and have run a gas line from the house, so much of our nights have incorporated grilled food.  Which is awesome, since that means I force David to prepare dinner.

Cousin Meredith got married and Emma and Max were a part of the whole shebang.  Both did amazing.  I took video.  I cried.  I drank pinot grigio.  (Side note, we took along Emma's teacher as a "babysitter."  This might have literally saved my life and those around us.)

We found out that our best friends in the neighborhood....and Emma's best friends ever invented....are both moving.  At the same approximate time.  In like 3 weeks.  Emma doesn't know yet.  But we have cried the tears of a million hormonal people and are so terribly sad.  We were blessed to have them in our lives and Emma's...but it will suck when they are gone.  So, we are furiously trying to figure out playdates and new friends for the sweetest little girl that ever lived.  I don't know how she'll react when we tell her that her favorite people are bye-bye.  Hopefully better than my reaction.

Emma has gotten big and old and all sorts of grown up.  Her favorite word is no, generally in response to anything you ask her to do.  That's if you get a response at all.  Often, there is an implied hand to the face action, which is the superest of funs.

She loves LOVES to swing and will ask to "go high...high up in da sky."  She went from extreme fear of swings to all day every day swings.  I am proud of her overcoming her fear.  I am tired of pushing her on the swings.

David taught her the high five know the one, "up high, down low, too slow, etc."  Well, Emma uses it on me at bedtime.  I am getting played by a 2 year old.  It's hilarious.  She does it and then I am so taken aback that I she cackles....and then we are awake again yay!

She will read to herself in unintelligible words, until she gets to a page she knows by heart.  She continues to cover her "sleeping" dolls with my dish towels because crime scene.  She loves bubbles but is really pretty bad at it.  Have you ever had bubble solution in your eye?  I have.

She loves to watch the ballgame....meaning, we watch basketball and refuse to change it to Mickey Mouse.  Her favorites include mandarin oranges, yogurt, cheezits and candy.  We force her to eat black beans, as I am assuming it's an acquired taste.  She's a great eater and if you can make it past the 5-7 pm timeframe...well, everyone wins.

Emma's MOST favorite thing ever is Taylor Swift's Shake It Off.  She is a Swifty.  She will listen to this song approximately 7 million times per day.  It plays for 4 rotations on the way to school, not that I'm counting.  She's also a fan of LMFAO Party Rock, Katy Perry Roar and Jack Johnson.  If you are super lucky, she will have a small dance party whilst Shaking It Off.  Complete preciousness.  Also, I am concerned about her future vocation.

She is the most amazing kid and learns more phrases and words and activities daily.  There is literally always something new coming out of her mouth.  Unnerving at times, because excuse me wut?  She tends to get boo boos when playing hard and always wants to show them to Ms Courtney.  Courtney, who provided a bandaid for Emma's first outdoor spill....  she's been promoted to surgeon general in Emma's eyes.  No amount of loving or Neosporin from her parents will keep her from trying to show Courtney her boo boo.

Monday, February 16, 2015


It's been a bit since I've typed about how amazing Emma is.  We've been too busy being lazy and enjoying the awesomeness of the kid and not enjoying the 2-year-old-ness of her.

Emma has now celebrated Christmas and New Year’s (her third official NEW year).  We just wrapped up Valentine’s Day and are gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day.  She had an amazing holiday, filled with family and friends – the people that love her and that she loves the most.  She received lots of gifts – to play with, to learn from, and to shape her future.  She finally figured out what Christmas means, which resulted in some birthday songs for Jesus and the ripping of wrapping paper.  Her Christmas program at school was absolutely delightful and I only cried for 5 minutes….the preciousness of it was overwhelming.  David and I had some time off from work to enjoy time together and time with Emma.  It was awesome and I think we’d both benefit from 2 weeks off every month.   Anyway….

She is two and a half years old.  TWO AND A HALF?  Which clearly, she had her 30 month appointment and dominated all of the categories...  She is only 2 pounds heavier than her not quite 9 month old cousin.  We are totally pleased with how she's coming along, but really could up her game on colors and not sticking her hand down her shirt.  Baby steps.

I am not sure where the time has gone, despite the middle of the night hugs and paci recovery.  We continue to be in awe of all of the new things Emma is learning.  She will now hold conversations which are fairly recognizable for the most part.  She does as asked most of the time and the rest of the time she just wants to make life into a game.  This is not always fun.  She enjoys doing things herself without help (until she asks for help), which includes climbing the changing table, going potty, putting on her shoes, etc.  Emma still enjoys a few rounds of going potty each day, which is more or less sitting/running around diaperless than actually going into the potty.  Working on that.  And the paci.  So much to do, so little time.

 Her favorite word is “Nope” and it never ceases to make me laugh just a little.  She retrieves her own yogurt for breakfast, opens the top and without stirring it, can eat it by herself with minimal mess.  And speaking of mess, she will call you out if you or her friends or anyone else makes one.  She’s watched Frozen approximately 22 times in the past 3 weeks, so please ask us to join in when you sing “Let It Go.”  It’s affectionately called the “Snowman” movie and has replaced Elmo as of now.  She insists on giving high fives and will not go to bed without about 20 of them between Daddy and me.  It's annoying and endearing and all sorts of go to bed now please I love you and will see you bright eyed in the morning.

Instead of asking you to help her, she will say "Mommy Imma help you."  And she'll keep saying it until you come help her out.  Do not correct it, because it will come out exactly the same the next time she says it.  She likes to run around.  In the most inappropriate times.  She ran back to the kitchen in several restaurants and one gave us a t shirt for her since "she wants to work there so badly."  Bless her heart.  That drives me bonkers and she laughs maniacally when doing it.  She loves to sing Rock a Bye Baby and Row Row Row Your Boat.  On and on and on...  She asks to watch Santa Claus, who regrettably has returned to the North Pole to make more toys for next year.

 Her favorite thing to do is put her baby dolls either in Time Out or sleeping on the floor in unnatural positions.  To accomplish this, she drapes them with my dish towels, so at various times our home looks like a crime scene.  She also enjoys dumping her Legos onto the floor and building small towers.  Let’s face it, her Mommy loves Legos too and has had loads of fun building a circus.  She attended her first birthday party for a friend and had a wonderful time climbing and eating pizza and grabbing candy from a piƱata. 

So, she also now loves candy and chocolate and juice.  Who doesn’t?  Emma eats very well for a 30 month old and loves to snack on her peppers, grape tomatoes and all sorts of fruit.  If she spies chips, she’ll opt out of the veggies and fruit.  Emma loves to run around…..and color…..and look at pictures of baby Max on the phone.  She can open songs on Mommy’s phone, which is always surprising to hear.

 The not so little not so baby Emma invades our hearts even more on a daily basis and we are so glad she’s ours.  Even at 2 am.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So, Emma.  She is simply growing up much more quickly than hoped.  Her favorite things include coloring (with washable markers, we aren’t crazy), climbing (anything, including the dog gate), watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (simply known as ‘icky) and playing with her Legos.  She’s developed a bit of a sweet tooth, but we still push vegetables and meats as much as possible.  Emma will put down a slice of Randy’s Pizza, however, and will always take a bunny vitamin when offered (which are really Flintstones, so Barney = bunny).

She’s had a chance to have play dates with neighbors throughout November and she’s really stepping her social game up.  The most awesome sound is her and her friend Logan running around the house screaming with sounds of laughter.  Unfortunately, they both know how to open doors, so we always keep an eye and ear open on the two of them – they really don’t monitor each other very well.  She’s becoming so much more attentive to other people and their needs.  She’ll bring you a Kleenex when you sneeze and showed her friend Eva a big dose of empathy the other night when she was screaming (probably because Emma removed a toy from her hand).  She is smarter than you know and has a good idea of what’s going on, even if she misdirects you with a baby doll or coloring.  Tough combination for such a little girl – smart, sweet, fun and considerate.  All things are relative, because she will become unhappy with the status quo pretty quickly and at random times for no reason.  Because she’s two.  

She loves to rub lotion on her hands after a bath and she enjoys a good hand washing after she uses the potty.  She will prepare the potty with her potty seat and stool, grab a book and then use as much toilet paper as we will let her.  I’m fairly certain she’s only *actually* dropped goodness in the toilet once or twice, but A for effort Emma!  Don’t try to help her with many things you may think she could use help with, because she will let you know “I got it.”  And then if she really did “got it” she’ll let you know that she “did it.”  How about them apples!?  She’s such a big kid!

Sweet Cheeks now has the ability to hold reasonable conversations with you, though they may not go as planned.  Her facial expressions are awesome and rarely fail to capture my complete attention, which is bad when I’m driving.  Her attention span is somewhat short, and she is still not pleased about going to time out when necessary.  She shows us this by picking up her chair and moving it to a more desirable location or climbing the staircase (on the opposite side of the actual stairs).  She bursts into song at any points during the day after she’s had her breakfast.  Her favorites include “Are You Sleeping,” “ABCD…you get the idea,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Rock a Bye Baby” and “Row Row Row Your Boat.”  Occasionally our nighttime TV is interrupted by Emma playing drums on her crib and singing “Are You Sleeping?,” which of course she is not.  

She has started putting her baby dolls into timeout and it's likely the most hilarious thing ever.  David caught it once on video - baby doll was "whining."  No kidding.  And then last night, baby doll was "biting, no bite."  Good things to remember when you're around Emma.  Zero tolerance.  She will also tell you that "this is mine, not yours."  Which makes sense because she thinks everything is hers!!!  

She had a wonderful Thanksgiving, during which she heard how the smoke detectors worked and learned how to rock in a rocking chair.  She loved the turkey and had to be cajoled into trying some pumpkin pie.  Successful on that front, obviously.  Emma loved seeing her cousin Max and talked about him for days afterwards.  She was gentle with him and I think we’re all thankful for that.

Our oven took a turn for the worst on Thanksgiving morning and we ended up using the fire extinguisher and purchasing a new element.  The neighbors baked our stuffing.  Did I mention David makes the very very best stuffing I've ever had.  I love it so much that I could eat just it for Thanksgiving.  I almost did.  When I called my Dad, hoping he'd come to the house and help, told everyone at Grandmommy's house that the elephant in the Macy's parade had caught fire.  What I told him was that our element in the oven blew up.  Glad we got that straightened out.

Later that weekend, Emma helped her Daddy pick out a Christmas tree and then helped him put it up by staying asleep in the car.  She loves the lights (of which there are approximately 2500 give or take).  Our tree is absolutely amazing - 9 feet tall with crazy lights and bows that David had made at Michael's.  Gorgeous and I'm so happy to go home each night to see it.  Got it decorated so we'll have lots of days to enjoy the forest in our house.
Emma has her Christmas program coming up at school and they have been rehearsing for weeks.  Families are invited and I was told that there would be “awesome snacks.”  So, pretzels and kids and Christmas…  all at one place.  We can’t wait to see our little girl do her thing and I will be bringing a box of kleenex.  She can spot Santa Claus anywhere and prefers to call him "Claus," which I hope is a nickname the big guy doesn't mind.  Can't wait for Christmas with this little girl!!

Monday, November 17, 2014


The Halloween season started off with a trip to Ganyard Hill Farm, just like we did last year.  However, David got the sniffles and with all the hay and corn and crap out on the farm, he had to stay home.  So I lugged Emma to pick out a pumpkin and enjoy the other crap they have out there.  She had a great time I think, though it got warm towards the end.  She needed some encouragement to get into the corn crib, but once she started going down the slide, she rocked that crib.  We looked at some goats and took the shortcut through the hay maze, rode the hayride through the cornfields and then ended up picking out a pumpkin to take back home.  The kid got a really late nap that day, but I think she had a blast - I had a good time too and am still finding corn in places that I shouldn't.  We certainly missed Daddy though!

We had an amazing Halloween, highlighted by a visit from Uncle DonDon, Aunt Danielle and Mister Max himself.  Donald and Max both dressed like lions.  One was cute, one was hilariously scary.  You decide.  Emma went as Dr. Emma Perry, Chief of Surgery.  I made her name badge at work so that she looked like she actually worked at Johns Hopkins.  My friend swiped some stuff from the hospital to make her outfit completely legit.  She had such a big day at school and came home with a bunch of treats, which made it into our giveaway stash at the door.  Ha!  Don't tell Emma, but that's gonna happen next year too.  Everyone at school loved her outfit and she was totally cute in it too.  She topped it off with some fresh Air Force Ones.  No doctor in America has anything on my baby girl.

David and I took the day off work to prepare for the shindig we were having that night....which was really supposed to be low key.  Apparently we cannot do anything low key.  But we had a great time with burgers (David makes THEEEE best) and hot dogs and snacks and candy and drinks and trick or treating!!!!  I had more sangria than intended before heading out and had to potty at the neighbor's house....which was I ran straight into their washer and dryer.  But the night was super fun and ended with children crying as expected.  We dressed up like people from the show The Leftovers.  And it was weird.  I couldn't talk all night when I was in character and had to write everything down.  Thankfully I had other people watching Sweet Cheeks, because sangria.

We like to party.

Friday, October 17, 2014


So my birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with all things that I love.  Burgers, cupcakes, presents and family.  All things that are amazing.

Dad came and picked me up at work.  Grandmommy met David and Emma at home.  And we all met up at Al's Burger Shack.  And it was wonderful!!!!  Then we all went back to the house and I got presents!#!  And Gigi's cupcakes!!!!!!  And Dad got me a chocolate cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!!!!

I am still full.

Sweet Cheeks ate 4 donut holes.  And then she sang Happy Birthday to me, several times.  However, it came out as "Happy Birthday to you, MommyDaddy."  I think David was trying to steal my big day.  And it was the most wonderful thing I think I could ever hear.  Except for her laughter and when she says I love you, Mommy...well, there are a lot of awesome things that I hear from her.  (and some very much not awesome things).

What a great birthday!  Now I need to eat lettuce for 47 days straight.

Here's a little pumpkin.