Thursday, May 4, 2017


The things that I thought I would be worried about when Emma was born included things such as sleep, breastfeeding, crying and cute outfits.  What I didn't necessarily count on was becoming stressed out about kindergarten.  And I mean SUPER STRESSED THE WHOLE HOUSE IS CONCERNED stressed.  We all want what's best for our kids and who knows what that really means, but to us, it means education.  And so the realization that kindergarten is looming has freaked us just a bit.  (I will need serious medication because OMG my little girl).

This may be an easier scenario had we had cash money.  Or a trust fund.

So we are working on letters and I submitted applications to all the lotteries (and got denied from them also).  If we could just get a checkbook fairy to drop by, I feel certain that we could dominate this part of life.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to make sure we're growing up a lovely girl with a great attitude.  It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.  And the next minute, she is the sweetest thing you've ever seen in your life.  The kid is a hambone and we love her so much.

Emma Rose is currently in the midst of soccer - she's scoring goals yall.  She also religiously now takes gymnastics, which she just absolutely adores.  She literally bounces for 45 minutes while there.  And she expects to go to Moe's after (kids eat free and she gets a balloon).  I am tired of Moe's.

She's a sweet and very smart girl and knows how to play people.  She cares for others.  She cries crazy tears when she gets a boo boo and insists on many many bandaids.  I've heard that is a thing for the little children.  She cracks me up on the daily.  She says obviously untrue things and then replies "I'm just joking."  Of course.  She loves to sing Katy Perry's Firework song and knows that she's unable to watch certain things on tv because they are just for grownups.  She is an avid Tar Heel fan, which means she declares each day her love for the Tar Heels and will add "We don't like Duke."  We are definitely doing something right with this parenting gig.  She doesn't like to wear red because it's "Wolfpack colors."  That should be fun at Christmastime.

She's gotten so SO SO big, and every once in a while I see a big person.  And every once in a while I see that sweet little baby face that's on our wall.  And those are the things I didn't count on when having a little Emma.  Longing for a baby, enjoying my little girl, and worrying myself to the death about the future of that preciousness.

Presh to death.

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